Friday, July 3, 2009

Note on Censorship Nm. 2

As you can see I have posted again, I discovered a way to go around censorship here in China, a software which help me to log in and continue my blog, I really dont know how long it will work but I will add on my daily post on Photography.
For those who dont live in China is hard to understand, basically China Government has afraid of his own people, blocking thousand of blogs and site, to make it drastic they blog the entire blogspot which contains millions of blogs from all over the world and is impossible to open it from China.
My blog on photography does not hurt, at least enhance Chinese Photography and the complexity of this country through the vision of some interesting Chinese " visionaries" , but nevertheless is the place I decided to live and operate , working as a photographer here is not an easy task for many reason but who does not like challenge?
So I hope I can keep you update with my little notes on photography...
so long......