Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exhibition : 2009 Nextkunst.licht in Shanghai

The Kunstlicht gallery in Shanghai is promoting an exhibition of some young Chinese Photographers which have a promising future, the 2009 NextKunst.licht is showing some of the participants of the workshop done by Shen Wei early this year. Among those I do like the conceptual work of Fei Tan with the series "Breathing there" from which i used a photo for the cover of this post.Here a note from the Gallery :

2009 nextkunst.licht exhibition is the first of a series of exhibitions dedicated to seeking out the most promising talent among a young generation of Chinese photographers and giving them the opportunity to present their work before an international audience . The first edition of nextkunst.licht will feature the works of five artists: Fei Tian, Ge Fang, Sun Yanchu, Tang Like, and Wen Jian.