Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Books : Eclipse

The sky over Shanghai went dark today, well happening every night but not often at 9 in the morning, I experienced my first eclipse.... and with the occasion I could not avoid to talk about the book of Afghan Photographer Zalmai which has done a project calling with this mysterious word Eclipse, here a note from publisher
Afghan photographer Zalmai's extraordinary and unforgettable photographs capture the slow, distressing drift of exile and dispossession: spectral figures against a stormy sky, a sheared row of peaks frame a figure like a sacred relic, horizons of men, both of this world and of some timeless land. This is a documentation of a journey through ambiguous territories-from Cuba to India, Mali to the Philippines, Indonesia to Egypt, and a return to Zalmai's native Afghanistan/-wartorn once again/-a search for place when one's own land has been destroyed.
Photographs by Zalmai. Text by Atip Rahimi, and Daniel Firardin.
Umbrage Editions, New York, 2002. 112 pp., 70 duotone illustrations, 12x8½".