Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Festival : Dali Photo Festival 2009

Interesting exhibition at the 2009 Dali Photo Festival. In the little beautiful town of Dali in Yunnan the festival will showcase photographers such as Alain Buu, Claudine Doury, Brent Stirton and other . The festival organized by the Local Government has been curated by Jean Loh of Beaugeste gallery in Shanghai.
Here a note from the organization of the Festival
The Eighth China Photography Art Festival & 2009 Dali International Photography Exhibition  This is a special year when China is celebrating its 60th birthday, and when photography has been around the world for 170 year. This year is also the one when the Eighth China Photography Art Festival is taking place in Dali where its culture runs deep and its natural beauty is stunning. Dali has been known as the place of ‘breeze, blossom, snow and the Moon’, and the city where mountain and water competes its beauty. With The Eighth China Photography Art Festival setting up here, Dali is also celebrating the First Dali International Photography Exhibition. The Photography Festival/Exhibit