Saturday, April 18, 2009

Profile : Wang Qingsong

Wang Qingsong has sold three prints to the Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles establishing the highest price record for Chinese Fine Art photography. The prints were sold at 100,000 dollars each. Wang Qingsong has worked in different topics such as "China Mansion" , "Beggar", and "Dupont & Dupont" , I personally like the photos from project Follow me which I am using to illustrate this post.
Here a statement from the Photographer:
As economic development takes top priority in China's national policies, the country has changed, and its people have changed even more. Everyone appears full of aspiration and seems satisfied with the achievements of reform and rapid development, which are expressed in the Chinese slogan, "One change a year, one big change in three years, and one unidentifiable transformation in five years." Capitalism has "modernized" our formerly agricultural country. In the last two decades, the economic reform has witnessed significant achievements-for example, being selected to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and China's entry into the World Trade Organization, both of which bring it into much closer contact with other countries. This rich contemporary China provides me with a huge resource for artistic inspiration. To sing highly of this new, sweeter-than-honey life of glory, I use theatrical techniques and let the camera narrate true and understandable contemporary stories.