Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exhibition : Anaïs Martane , Portraits of China

A new photo exhibition will open in Shanghai at the Ifa Gallery in 621 changde road, a series of portraits by French Photographer Anaïs Martane which explore the different faces of Chinese Society .
Statement from the Ifa Gallery about the exhibition :
‘Portraits of China’ is a reflection on the pluralities of China; of the men and women who make what China is today: a country of many faces.
A seller of kebabs, a young factory worker in Guangdong, a psychoanalyst in Chengdu, a farmer from Ningxia or a rock star… the lens of Anaïs Martane’s Mamiya captures them subtly and sensitively, telling each of their unique stories.
Accompanied by journalist Diane Droin-Michaud, the young photographer travelled widely across China during 2007 recording these faces - smiling, sad, pensive and with mixed expressions. Each of the portraits is captured in its own daily environment, whether personal or professional. The text of Diane Droin-Michaud echoes each of the images, allowing viewers not only to discover more about China but also to slip for an instant into the dreams or observations of each protagonist.
Thoughtful and precise, her work pays tribute to the various characters revealed in this exhibition.
Ifa Gallery in 621 changde road , Vernissage: 18 April 2009, 3pm-8pm