Friday, April 3, 2009

Exhibition : Between the Sexes

Opening of an exhibition in Beijing at the Paris- Beijing Photo Gallery , Between the Sexes featuring different works from Chinese Photographers.
Here the introduction of the exhibition :
Man-woman relationships are the central theme in this game of tug-of-war, in which each photographer directs an amusing battle between the sexes. Whether set up by a male or female photographer, the women are always the main protagonists. The camera follows her as the narrative develops, generating tension (and humor) due to a lack of balance in the interplay of sexual identity. As “opposites attract,” the paradox of the male and female characters become the source of their interaction, where pain is tangled with pleasure, boredom triggers destruction, intrusion leads to resignation, liberty contradicts equality, and sex appeal becomes either a toy or a weapon. Under the spotlight, each figure confronts his/her various roles in relation to the opposite sex, questioning the traditional values of love, passion and companionship.The works of both renowned and emerging artists are displayed in this group exhibition, in which most of them have been rarely shown and some are presented for the very first time.
Yan Zhuangmei – Soap Opera
In Yan Zhuangmei fantasy-world, the young and daring celebrates moments of excitement full of vibrant colors and sexual energy with an insatiable appetite.
Xu Yong & Yu Na – Solution Scheme
In a typical office with metallic-yellow walls, the unclothed female leads a group of middle-aged men in suits, with full control of the scene clutched in her hand.
Liu Lijie – Another Episode II
Tension grows as the storyline of an adult woman’s daily life unfolds, as she is haunted by isolation and intrusion of hostile men in cold rooms.
Li Wei – Dream-like Love
Li Wei offers himself as a plaything for his beloved in the game of seduction, where he bounces around hoping to satisfy her unpredictable demands.
Jiang Zhi – I’m so Bored
An abandoned woman kills time by cutting her nails, “taking care” of herself as she waits expressionlessly on her king-size bed.
Gao Brothers – Opposite
The black and white photographs capture the vacant, inhuman concrete blocks, where a vulnerable yet armed woman hides in fear and pleasure from the one lingering on the opposite side of the wall.
Opening on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 Reception at the Paris Beijing Photo Gallery I - 3pm
Exhibition Dates: April 4th, 2009 – May 30th, 2009 Venue: Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery I