Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exhibition : Paolo Woods "Chinese in Africa"

Exhibition of Project "Chinese in Africa" of Italian photographer Paolo Woods at the Centre national de l’audiovisuel in Paris, The Exhibition is part of collective together with Pieter Hugo, Mikhael Subotzky . The three photographer have worked in different projects focusing three different aspects of the African Continent.
Here a note from the Project from Paolo Woods:
Only five years ago Africa was considered the planet’s proverbial wasteland: a dark continent full of dictators, genocide, war and epidemics. Back then no one could have predicted that Africa would become the hotly courted mistress of a new development wave.
China’s hunger for raw materials has changed everything. To fuel its daunting rate of growth China needs fresh sources of oil, metals, wood and fish and is willing to invest heavily to ensure supply. While her pawns advance through Africa, China is opening up new markets for cheap goods and recruiting a potential 50 friends to vote along Chinese lines at the United Nations.