Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Profile : Julia Wesely

Austrian Photographer Julia Wesely has produced a project which manage to combine the sensitivity to the nature and fashion photography. Her new project is called "Nature in Fashion" , the project is a cooperation between 18 young fashion designer which designed a specific outfit which connect to a different natural environment.
Here a note from her on the project:
The body covered by natural forms and patterns, feelings full of protection under evolutionary colors and structures. Just as nature brings forth an almost endless variety of colors and forms, there are no limits placed on the creativity of the individual. The aim of the project has been to capture the beauty of nature in fashion designs and to preserve this in photos, conveying the fragility of our environment and the necessity of living in harmony with it. Additionally, the project has aimed to foster cross-border communication and an exchange of knowledge by building a network of creative designers across Europe.