Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Profile : David Burdeny

I was invited to look at the workd of american photographer David Burdeny and I found it amazing, panorama landscapes is something unique and the result of the interpretation is surreal and with a strong impact.I do like in particular the projesct/series on Antarctica/Greenland 
here some words taken from David Burdeny's statement:
I'm fascinated with the quality of light and the spatial immensity the ocean possesses. I have an enormous reverence for feeling so small in the presence of something so vast, where perspective, scale, time and distance momentarily become intangible. My photographs contemplate that condition, and through their reductive nature, suggest a formalized landscape we rarely see. The glory lies not in the act of this removal or reduction, but in the experience of what is left - sublime experience located in ordinary space: a slowly moving sky, the sun moving across a boulders surface or sea foam swirling around a pylon.
Exposed onto large format black and white film under the soft light of dusk and dawn, the shutter is held open for several minutes at a time, recording the ocean and sky as it continuously repositions itself on the negative, a process both dependent and vulnerable to chance. The resultant image is an accretion of past and present. Each moment is layered over the moment immediately preceding it a single image that embodies the weight of cumulative time and unending metamorphosis.