Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exhibition : Photo Zero

Bangkok has becoming a meeting point and important base for many photojournalist, in the years the community has grown and more often is possible to see slideshow, exhibitions and discussion about issues covered by photographers.The Raindogs bar organizing a new event which will feature different slideshow of reportage done in the Asia region. There is a good list of photographer showcased such as James Nachtwey with his series on Islam, Patrick Brown with his project "Skin and Bones" (from which I select the cover photo of this post ), David Dare Parker with his "Degree South" and many other.
Here details from the Photo Zero web site:
PhotoZero 2009, March 13-15th at Raindogs, in Bangkok
Raindogs Bar, Bangkok
By photographers for photographers, the second annual meeting of PhotoZero will take place next week in Bangkok. World class photographers will showcase their work, and engage the audience on the important social role played by documentary photography. And everyone is welcome.
We hope you can make the time and join the discussions and be part of this experience.