Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exhibition : Yasuhiro Ogawa , Slowly Down the River

I went to see an exhibition which opened yesterday at the Konica gallery in Shinjuku (Tokyo) , a work done by Japanese photographer Yasuhiro Ogawa on the Three Gorge Dam area . A reportage on the municipality of Chongqing done in different times. The exhibition also introduce the book "Slowly down the river".Yasuhiro Ogawa is a photographer of Collective Sha-Do , an interesting project between european and japanese photographers working in Japan. I will talk more about Sha-Do in the future as I am preparing a conversation which will introduce the idea and concept of the collective.
Here a note from the photographer on the Three Gorge Dam Project :
I wandered from place to place, being a passenger on the slow boats which run along the river. During the journeys I saw thousands of faces; faces reflecting the situation of the people, who are in the midst of a strong transitional current in this country." A photo story on modern day China, focusing the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.