Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Books : Pecorino-Wisdom of a World, Travelled Dog by Toni Anzenberger

Pecorino is perhaps the most portrayed dog in the world, Austrian Photographer Toni Anzenberger has taken Pecorino all over the world compiling many different reportage-essays on the experience. They travelled in Spain, Italy, Germany, England , France and other european destination, Pecorino always showing the way by posing in front of the camera. I know "personally" Pecorino and is for sure the sweetest dog I have ever met.... Toni Anzenberger will present his new book called Pecorino - Wisdom of a world, Travelled dog during an exhibition in Vienna at the Galerie Haas, introduced by Thomas Schäfer-Ellmayer which explore the photo project.
Here some note from the book:
Recipes for happiness of a remarkable dog. There are still bohemians, at least there is one: Pecorino! This extraordinary dog has seen the whole world and loves the beach of Rimini as much as the bull fighting arena in Andalusia or the giant wheel at the Viennese Prater. In his new book he speaks with a lot of humour about the secrets of a happy life and shows the surprising souvenir photographs of his world travels. Curiosity (to get access - in case of need with snout and paw), the intense use of all senses (sniff and feel what life offers), education (to go to a bookstore from time to time), and in particular: to stay cool! A real dog's life - and a book about exceptional perspectives and surprising insights!
Photographs: Toni Anzenberger 192 pages 112 pictures Publisher: Knesebeck Verlag
Exhibition opening April 1 at 7PM - Galerie Haas, Grünangergasse 8, 1010 Vienna, Austria.