Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exhibition : Polyarnye Nochi by Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts will exhibit his project on Polynarnye Nochi and will held an "One Day Masterclass" during the Format International Photography Festival in Derby. Roberts is one of the most interesting photographer who has worked for a long project on Russia which ended up with a book "Motherland". Now working on a project on England which gave the name of his blog " We English" and it will be published as a book pretty soon.
here a note from the exhibition
Polyarnye Nochi
Unforgiving and dramatic winters have often been regarded as one of Russia’s most defining characteristics. A Russian winter is redolent both of great hardship but also great beauty and for centuries it has been romanticised in the country’s painting, music and cinema. A continuation of Roberts’ exploration of contemporary Russian society and inspired by Russian cinema, Polyarnye Nochi explores the winter landscapes of Northern Russia during a period known as Polar Nights, when the region is shrouded in darkness nearly 24 hours a day.