Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Exhibition : Sylvie Tillmann "Candyfloss overboard"

A new exhibition at Stage候台BACK Gallery in Shanghai, Opening this coming Saturday:
Sylvie Tillmann whose interests both in the understanding of the body as a projection surface as well as the meaning of the expression of her thoughts using the bodies as the conveyor of the soul.
Both aspects concentrate themselves on the fact, that there is only a frightening little space for our commonly held beliefs of beauty. In her photographs we see humans who do not identify themselves with these paradigms. Unadorned and combined with eccentric accessories, they lead the viewer towards the fact that the boundaries of the aesthetics have room for expansion. Candyfloss overboard is Tillmanns first exhibithion on Mainland China. She lives and works in Cologne / Germany.
Stage候台BACK Gallery, located at Room 301, 3F, Building 11, 696 Weihai Lu near Shaanxi Lu, Shanghai China.