Thursday, February 19, 2009

Books : Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

Nan Goldin has photographed her life, herself and the people who have surrounded her, living between fragility and emotions, tragedy and perversion.
One of the best book from her, some note from publisher:
Nan Goldin's Ballad is a document of the bohemian lifestyle in the East Village of New York. Her color photographs are an intensely personal experience of bars, parties, drugs, male predators, and battered women. Included are pictures of transvestites, drag queens, homosexuals, and heterosexuals relating--and not relating--to each other and to her. J. Hoberman of The Village Voice calls it "a sexual taxonomy for the '80s."
Aperture, New York, 1986. 140 pp., 130 color 130 color illustrations,, 10x9".