Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Profile : John Thomson

Scottish photographer
John Thomson has done travelled in China in 1867 producing amazing material for that period. The BBC online edition prepared a slideshow with his images which depict China after the Taiping Rebellion during the Qing Dynasty.
Here a note about John Thomson , text from the National Library of Scotland:
Edinburgh-born John Thomson (1837-1921) was one of the great names of early photography. His photographic legacy is one of astonishing quality and depth.Thomson's images of China and South-East Asia brought the land, culture, and people of the Far East alive for the 'armchair travellers' of Victorian Britain. He was one of the pioneers of photojournalism, using his camera to record life on London's streets in the 1870s. As a society photographer he also captured the rich and famous in the years before the First World War. These pages present a brief introduction to Thomson's work, with examples drawn from the National Library of Scotland's collections.