Thursday, May 28, 2009

Profile : Bao Nayong on TIan'Anmen at 360degree

During the Guangzhou Biennial 2009 Bao Nayong presented his project called Tian'anmen Square in 360 Degrees , an installation of a single photo made with a series of many square images attached all together. I found interesting title especially in the year of the 20th years anniversary of the riots where 3000 young people were killed after the long protest, although in the statement and in the intent those fact are not faced....
Here the note from the photographer about the exhibition :
April 4, 1976 was the date when the ‘45 Tian’anmen Event’ came to a climax. There were more than on million people gathering in Tian’anmen Square to mourn for our former Primer Zhou. I chose a high spot calmly and carefully on the east side of the flag pole, climbed on the back seat of a bicycle, and took a shot on the panorama view of the Tian’anmen Square.