Friday, May 21, 2010

Augenblick, Exhibition : Xu Peiwu in Dragons horses spirits and Gods

Beaugeste Gallery, perhaps one of the best in Shanghai Scene will introduce a new exhibition of Xu Peiwu’s photo “DRAGONS HORSES SPIRITS and GODS". Here the words of presentation from curator Jean Loh :
Dragons, Horses, Spirits & Gods, an Alpa diary” is an original photographic essay, in which critically acclaimed urban landscape photographer Xu Peiwu, sought out the invisible and the intangible spirits that have disappeared from our naked eye, amidst the accelerated urbanization of our living environment. Baudelaire’s “Painter of Modern Life” would have agreed with this pursuit of a philosophical imagination that makes the beauty of a modern black & white landscape even more striking and meaningful. 著名城市景观摄影师许培武的“龍,馬,精, 神----阿尔帕日记”是一本超凡的攝影散文,探索今日我们生活环境加快城市化进程中,从我们的肉眼裏消失了的无形精神。 像波德萊爾的“現代生活畫家”, 許培武所追求的哲學想象力, 使一組現代化的黑白風景攝影, 顯示的更引人注目和更有意義。
Opening on the 22nd of May.