Thursday, May 6, 2010

Augenblick , Magazine : Bite Magazine

Regina Anzenberger will curate and present the works of 7 different photographers at Bite Magazine . The online magazine formerly called The Blacksnapper is supported by the Dutch Doc (portal for documentary photography of the Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture).
I am honored to be part of the presentation with my essay on the UK Pavilion at Expo done with my iphone (and no photoshop) . Here the Presentation written by Regina Anzenberger on the Project :
A hedgehog in the dark of the night? Photographed in the style of Fritz Lang’s films of the 30ies. Iphone and polaroid makes it possible. A courageous step in direction of finding a new picture language according to new technology and internet standards. Is this the future of photography? Well, I like it. Easy, creative and good looking. Small and pretty fine art works in pinhole optic. Ready to get printed on fine art paper and sold to collectors who like contemporary art.