Sunday, February 21, 2010

Augenblick - Profile : Frauke Thielking

German Photographer Frauke Thielking has worked in a project while visiting China by photographing people in uniforms and putting herself in the middle in a "camouflauge" attempt. Is a funny project called "My name is Frauke but you can call me Flauke" .
Here a statement on the Project :
Uniformity, integration and role taking are the thematic levels of this project, which has been developed during a workshop and cultural exchange program between the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, Germany, and the Tshinghua University, Academy of Arts and Design, Beijing, China.
The concentration is on professional groups wearing uniforms who were portrayed in a group picture and me myself was part of this staging. For a limited time, I took the role of a waitress, a construction worker, a stuart, a High School student and a security guard and I posed with the respective uniform in this group picture.The integration of myself is favoured by the uniformity; if you look closer there is an irritation due to ethnical differences.The putative uniformity is questioned in depth, because every single picture allows looking for differences regarding the body language and other outer signs of people.

“We are all different“ - the uniformed people grow to individual personalities.

Frauke will also be part in a group exhibition at Raum.201 in Essen which will open today.