Friday, February 19, 2010

Augenblick , Blog on photography - My Blog

I started to write this blog exactly one year ago , 18th february 2009, I started to write because I wanted to use it a reminder and as an educational tool for myself...
It has been a good tool for me and perhaps for some others. Well my written english did not improved... but more than 200 articles is at least  a good rate of posting which has enriched Augenblick to a surprising good number of people who, daily , come to visit the blog.
It is not an easy task, looking at articles, photographers and choosing the right event to publish and in the meantime following my profession of editorial and corporate photographer.. but it is worth to keep posting. I discovered many things  this year , that kept me away from the isolation derived by living in China. I never activated the comments box in my blog but I do have some feedback and discussion in my facebook page where my posts are automatically appearing.
For the cover of this post i choose a new photo from my never ending project on Chinese Cosplayer - Fallen Angels of China.
Thanks to all for the many visitors that have a look at my blog, it is a success if I think that in China blogspot is censured .. I am pretty sure I would have even double visitors without this censorship..