Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Augenblick, blog on Photography : Profile - Pablo Chiereghin

Italian Pablo Chiereghin has produced different projects using photography as media . He is currently exhibiting in Vienna at the "Das Weisse Haus" presenting his latest "HI I'am Pablo Chiereghin I come from Adria". I like to post a photo from his concept "Birthday Suit" done in London where he has paid people to have a photo done by him while naked, here the statement of this project :
Birthday Suit is photographic action project that explores social acting boundaries. People have been paid to have portrait taken by a nude photographer, who stood inside a gallery shop window in a central street of London. Playing with voyeuristic attitudes and exploring cause-effect interactions of the photographic medium, Birthday Suit reveals, through models eyes, the nudity that is on the other side of the camera. The situational agreement is a dualism of power: the artist seduces the model engaging him in a voyeuristic situation where the spectator has a strong advantage: being dressed. On the other hand, the photographer has the power to determine the situation through the photographs. When the shutter opens, it is the spectator that suddenly looks naked.