Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Profile : Fabien Seguin

I visited the web site of Fabien Seguin , multimedia artist living and working in China (Wuhan), he has some interesting series such as Hulumbuir and the polaroid work done on series Otium and Pure Instant Male. Here the statement from Hulumbuir where is possible to understand the cultural blend experienced by living in a Megacity in China
"I've lived for more than two years in a megalopolis located in central China and day-by-day I can witness the worrying effects of an ever-growing pollution. As a photographer, the most shocking phenomenon is the constant veil of dust occupying the sky and covering the whole city. This cover virtually changes the color of the light and gives the impression of living on another planet. In August 2008 I stayed one month in Inner Mongolia (Chinese province), in the region of Hulunbuir, a city lost in the grasslands. There I discovered the same strong light, the same brightness, the same vast blue skies as those of my native Alps, with, in the background, a smell of grass similar to that of the Alpine massifs. This stay took me back to the world of childhood, to the clarity and freshness of life far from the cities, to a world where time and light can be felt again.Every image of this series is a moment where my eye was ravished by the quality of the light and by what was so strongly lit. Spontaneity is the rule of this work. This aesthetic of rapture is at least as necessary as the alarmist tone prevailing in the mass media when the discussion deals with environment."