Monday, September 14, 2009

Exhibition : Li Jun " Impermanent Instant" at M97 Gallery

I like the new work from Li Jun which is exhibited at the M97 Gallery in Shanghai. The Exhibition include also Yang Yi and the "Love Hotel" Series from Meh Jin and ang Er .
Here the statement of the project from Li Jun called "Impermanent Instant"
In buddhism, the fundamental concept of "impermanence" teaches that all things are in a constant state of change. Time, existence, and consciousness itself are nothing more than a series of eternally changing impermanent instants. For the unprecedented frenzy of development that is modern China there is perhaps no more fitting a metaphor than dust. It’s a sign of the old world and a sign of the new world. A sign of the ubiquitous concrete high-rise block and cavernous construction site. A sign of the demolished lanes and dwellings of ancient architecture, as well as a sign of pollution and an insatiable industrial appetite. In China, dust is the ever-looming particulate by-product of the physical metamorphosis that envelops the entire country and its people. For photography artist Li Jun, the phenomenon of dust that envelops the simple objects and possessions of his Chengdu apartment and the haunting traces the objects leave offers poetic empirical proof of his and their temporary impermanent existence, however ephemeral, amidst tumultuous environs and changing times.