Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exhibition : I was in Florence , Patti Smith historical concert in 1979

I grew up with the music and lyrics of Patti Smith and the city of Florence is dedicating an interesting exhibition on the last famous concert of Patti Smith in the Tuscan capital. The Photos show the historical concert where during the event a group of young people created a kind of invasion of the stage and from where Patti Smith decided to stop to perform for a certain time of her life. There were difficult times in italy, struggles between different political group where people believed that concert of any kind of performer should have to be free for everybody.
Patti Smith will perform again in Florence on the 10th of September, she will face the city which made her angry again after 30 years, another historical concert and the photo exhibition will show photos from that famous night. Photo taken from different photographers and worth to have a look (The concert will worth much more for sure...)