Monday, July 19, 2010

Augenblick , profile : André França

Brasilian photographer André França has developed a series called "Vanishing" in which he explore the disappearing beauty using dolls.I found it quite interesting , here some notes from the  statement written by Alejandra Hernandez Munoz:
To vanish means to disappear, to undergo a process of decaying or finishing. At first, I thought about what could promote or accelerate the corrosion or disintegration of a body: incineration, caustic lime, acid, bacteria, worms. But the bodies, immersed in a liquid texture, do not display any traces of chemical action or deterioration of matter. Therefore, the title of the work made me think of a brand of soap powder well known in Brazil, which promises in its ads to“eliminate all stains, even the most resistant, and make your clothes whiter than the brand most people buy.” In his sense, the series may be regarded as another artistic contribution to what I call “pop lineage of domestic hygiene”, founded in 1924 by Davis with Odol, made big in 1964 with Warhol’s boxes ofBrillo, and currently trivialized with the giveaway cans of Omo designed by Romero Britto. Nonetheless, differently from Odol or Brillo, here not only we see the image of the product Vanish, which could have produced the foam we see in the pictures, but the action is in present continuous tense, vanishing, a progressive, still uncompleted action supported by a narrative sequence of images of objects in a foamy medium.