Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Augenblick , exhibition : George Georgiou

I am also happy to introduce George Georgiou which accept to present his work "Fault Lines : Turkey/East/West  along with the work of Vanessa Winship to exhibit at the CIAC museum in Foligno as part of the program of Canti&Discanti festival . The two exhibition will be opened on Thursday the 8th of July at 9PM. Here an introduction of the project :
Turkey is a strategically important nation, poised geographically and symbolically between Europe and Asia and is seen as the country that will bridge the gap between East and West.
But Turkey itself is at a crossroads, a crossroads that will define it’s very future. British photographer George Georgiou  spent 5 years living in Turkey. Travelling across the country, Georgiou’s photographs explore and question the concept of  East/West, the meaning and consequences of modernity and the many complex and contradictory fault lines at play in contemporary Turkey.