Friday, March 26, 2010

Augenblick , Profile : Simone De Iacobis

Magic Realism, a new Skyline for Rome is the last project from photographer and Architect Simone De Iacobis. The work features on Monu Magazine it is a view into the delicate new Urbanization of Rome by the new plan which has built many satellite district around the city. The project is a series of portraits of people within their Urban contest. A different way to see Rome for those who think about the beautiful ancient and historical buildings.
Here some sentences from the statement of the project :
On the 13 February 2008, while the council of Rome approved the new master plan, a new urbanism season started for the eternal town, a season of a new deal between private and public interests. In this context, thanks to a planning instrument called “Accordo di Programma”, the real estate companies can be allowed to duplicate future building surfaces in exchange for something “useful” for the public community.
The companies are owners of strategically located land for the expansion of the city, so they often offer money to contribute to building new infrastructures such as underground lines, streets, etc… to connect these new areas with the rest of the town. In so doing, the council of Rome relinquishes this land, square meters that were supposed to be offices and services for the inhabitants of the district.
But which kind of companies are these? What are their aspirations?
Talking to TV journalist, Mr Scarpellini, who is building 1milion cubic meters in Rome, explains “this is like a game” - a game that we imagine involves a lot of work, risk and sometimes problems with legal issues – “a lot of people ask me: why are you doing this, if that makes you live as a poor man?”