Friday, March 5, 2010

Augenblick , Exhibition : Marc Riboud Retrospective in Shanghai

Marc Riboud will be back in his beloved China to attend a big retrospective on his work at the Shanghai Art Museum which will open this coming week end. The Retrospective is a combined work curated by Li Ning and Jean Loh.
here a note from the press release :
A magnificent retrospective of the great French photographer Marc Riboud opens on the 6th of March at the Shanghai Art Museum. Composed of 130 classic dark room prints, with half of them about China, and including previously unpublished pictures, this exhibition showcases the Best-Of of Marc Riboud’s 50-year of photographic career. Featuring the personal style of the man who has “a compass in the eye “according to Cartier-Bresson, the carefully selected works demonstrate what makes Marc Riboud release the shutter: above all instinct, sensation, intuition and the pleasure of the eye.
"Beautiful picture bothers me, although I too fell into that trap. If we think too much about the form, you risk falling into a beautiful, well done, whereas photography is about changes; the instinctive moment, the snapshot. " Affectionately dubbed Ma-Ke-Lv-Bu by his Chinese peers and admirers, this great lover of China which he has visited over twenty times, is coming back at 87 years old for this unique occasion, where the audience will discover his “icons” that retrace his career in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, America & Asia, such as the painter of the Eiffel Tower, the flower girl’s face-off with the gun-toting soldiers and his memorable Yellow Mountain landscapes.