Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Augenblick, Blog on Photography , Profile : Emiliano Larizza

I dont like to talk about photojournalistic work but following a facebook discussion I went to have a look at the different photographers who jumped in the first plane to Santo Domingo and drive to Haiti to cover the devastating earthquake which caused already 150000 deaths.
All in all in general is a difficult task to cover such events, people need to forget humanity to be close to death without thinking why to shoot a photo instead of giving help..., I  know is an hard debate in which i want to stay out and therefore I would think that the reportage from Emiliano Larizza from Contrasto is for sure the best i have seen. There is perhaps too much of "Highlight and Shadow" from Photoshop but nevertheless composition and close distance to the mess of the terrible aftermath has produced an intense view of what happened. For the rest i saw the regular work from many assignment photographer, they did what u need to do, perhaps in few days we will see a post processed edition of that photos which will produce a stronger impact and in the same time some ethical question on how Photoshop is nowadays widely used.