Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Augenblick, Blog on Photography , Article : Paul French on the Newsreel Wong Bombed Boy

I love to read Paul French Blog China Rhyming, Paul is a great writer and great connoiseur of China and in particular Shanghai. An old article i found is about the famous photo of a Baby in a bombed South Station in Shanghai in 1937 done by H.S. Newsreel Wong , the photos published by Life Magazine and had a profound impact on American Society . Was taken during the Sino-Chinese war when Japanese invaded China. The article of Paul French discovered that the photos might have been staged. Paul French describe the fact on his book "Through the Looking Glass", here a small note from the article which you can view it here : In my book I included the famous photo but did not get release rights for the other photo that indicates the shot may have been staged somewhat – not that a baby wasn’t caught in the raid and left distraught in the Station but that the baby may have been repositioned or encouraged to stay in place while a photo was taken.
I include the famous photo and also the photo where is possible to see how the child has been placed in that position .