Monday, December 14, 2009

Augenblick, Blog on photography - Exhibition : Ouka Leele

Spanish artist Ouka Leele has opened an exhibition in Shanghai called "Delirous Reality" which is a collection of Painted Photographs. The showcase has been presented by the Cultural Section of the Spanish Consulate at 198-208 Anfu road.
here some not on the artist:
Ouka Leele´s artistic career begins in a Spain undergoing a severe transition, where a spirit of renewal pushes to leave behind the old and face a future with a new attitude, which is able to strike a spontaneous and uninhibited
movement, called Movida Madrileña (Madrilenian groove) in the case of Madrid.  This breakthrough provides an arena where to conceive modernity as a fiction of reality. The artist became a relevant documentarian of this period, in front and behind the camera, and today, three decades later, she continues to portray magic-realist scenarios.Her lens is provocative and curved with a suggestive sense of humour able to establish Ouka Leele as an icon of her time, a feminine voice to counterbalance the predominating male art panorama. In the creative field, her work strikes out for the personal method of blurring the limits between photography and painting, as well as for the continuous exercise of the imagination to search for beauty as the main subject matter in her photos.