Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Augenblick. Blog on Photography , Lecture : Peter Dixie on Constructed Spaces

Peter Dixie will hold an interesting lecture on the use of the human figure in landscape photography, its historical roots, meaning and use in the works of Kalle Kataila, Weng Fen & Peter Bialobrzeski. The lecture will take place this coming Saturday at 3Pm at the Kunstlicht Gallery in Shanghai. I think is a good occasion to be introduced to good photography. Dont miss it.Here some note from Peter Dixie:
What does the human figure stand for in landscape photography?
Behind every image, there is more than “V” signs in our hands and big smiley faces, the use of the human figure in landscape photography can be traced back through the development of European Landscape Painting, the Chinese tradition of Shan Shui and German Romanticism. Also, during the lecture we will be discussing the boundaries between land and human, spiritual and religious, our inner and outer soul.
Our lecturer Peter Dixie, a British Photographer, will also be introducing known photographers from around the world, Kalle Kataila (Finland), Weng Fen (China) and Peter Bialobrzeski (German), in order to elicit the meaning of the human figure in landscape.