Monday, June 1, 2009

Profile : Carla Van de Puttelaar

The figure of women in Carla van de Puttelaar 's photos reflect the intimate and erotical female universe.
Here a note from his web site:
In her photographic work, Carla van de Puttelaar wants to emphasize personality, vulnerability and intimate eroticism, as well as distance and, sometimes, alienation.Her nudes draw heavily on the use of close up effects and the use, or deliberate non-use, of focus. Moles can be seen clearly, as well as more temporal marks, such as bruises or the imprint of underwear in the skin. They enhance the intimacy of the picture, loading it with tension. Distance is being created first and foremost by the use of color. Often, the skin will have a porcelain glance, delicate, fragile. Color also creates a sculptural feel, elaborated by the light and framing of the compositions.