Monday, June 8, 2009

Exhibition : A Moroccan Journey by Eric Mannaerts

A new Exhibition at Beaugeste gallery in Shanghai, the gallery curated by Jean Lohn is presenting the work from Eric Mannaerts on Morocco. Here a note from the exhibition:
Eric Mannaerts – who now lives and works in Shanghai, discovered Morocco in 1982 when he was sent there as a young mathematics teacher and fell so much in love with the beauty of this country that he took up photography as a serious practice. After twenty five years of repeated visits accumulating thousands of images through his Leica lenses and dark room processing, the result is this album of black & white portraits of a country seen from the interior. Often rigorous classic compositions, marked by a contemplative sort of nostalgia sometimes even with a touch of the Belgian school of surrealism, Eric’s Moroccan Journey is a photographic experience. As the author Tahir Shah - who lives and works in Casablanca – wrote in his foreword essay for Eric’s first published book; “to understand the extraordinary you must learn to appreciate ordinariness”. Come and discover the extraordinary in the underbelly of the apparent ordinariness.