Monday, December 20, 2010

Augenblick , Book : The Merci Project / Inochi by James Whitlow Delano

The Merci Project / Inochi is a book created and curated by american photographer
James Whitlow Delano which has put up a good list of 118 photographers
which accepted to donate their photos for a special fund raise. Worth to buy if you look for a good photo book . Here more from the statement of the project which is
possible to purchase also on Amazon.
"The Mercy Project / Inochi features the work of 118 photographersfrom 28 countries from Magnum, VII Photo, Noor, National Geographic, to emerging talent worldwide coming together to create awareness and raise funds for hospice and palliative care. Eleanor Clift, a Newsweek writer who has also been a beneficiary of hospice care when her husband was in need, wrote the postscript for the book. I posed one question to photographers I’d met all over the world (through my reportage work), after the untimely passing of hissister, Jeanne, and last member of his nuclear family to renal cancer: “share with me one photograph that says to you, ‘MERCY’”. I hoped that this collection of photography could contribute in a meaningful, concrete way in the effort to expand awareness about the critical role that hospice care can play, as it is likely to touch the lives of most of our families during the course of our lives. Hospice care, the most humane care I have ever encountered, allowed our family to come together and freed Jeanne from pain so that we could focus more on her final 5 months of life. I have partnered with San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine in California, which has a tremendously effective outreach program to the community and the medical profession. The Japanese partner is Japan Hospice Palliative Care Foundation."