Friday, April 16, 2010

Augenblick , Exhibition : Yongkang Lu Art

I will exhibit 3 prints from my series on Chinese Cosplayer at the new renovated area of Yonkang road in a group exhibition . The opening will include three spaces in the same road
and all the exhibitions are curated by Zane Mellupe which is also presenting some artwork.
here the introduction of the exhibitions with the list of people who will present their work:

Asphalt Concrete at Yonkang Lu Openings (three galleries show in one road)
At Yongkang lu Art 83
Who pays the hidden costs of growth?
This exhibition explores in detail the pressures put on individuals, families and communities through different artistic mediums, and from local and foreign artist’s perspectives. From recent scandals to ever present problems, the artist unique approach tells us for once in a while to take a deep breath and consider where we currently stand.
The exhibition presents:
Lei Hua (CN), Sha Qin (CN) , Virginie Lerouge Knight (FR) ,Wang Lin (CN) , Daniele Mattioli (IT)
Zane Mellupe (LV) , Kaspars Podnieks (LV) , Krišs Salmanis (LV) , Rose Tang (CN)
curated by Zane Mellupe

C Individuals by Christophe Demaitre and Christin Kalweit
At Yongkang Lu Art 72 YK art space
C individuals - sea individuals - see individuals - is an exhibition of the artworks of Christophe Demaitre (Be) and Christin Kalweit (De). The exhibition reveals two different approaches of the perception of interaction between an individual and a crowd. Christophe has focused his work on portraying the crowd as a singular individual mass. The principal of his vision is to suggest that all individual elements assume equal importance. There is no central control and no autonomy within his composition. Christin’s work is highlighting the different individual emotional relationships that occur within a confluence. She draws particular attention to the unique elements of the singular individual, whether it is their emotions, mood, behavior or creations. She reveals the interaction between the singular entities in order to show the greater unity.curated by Zhu Ye and Zane Mellupe

aQuarium by Liu Dao
At Yongkang Lu Art 47

island6 shack
“Shush” she said and met herself for the 1389th time.