Monday, October 12, 2009

Back on Posting but for how long?

I will be back to post something again in this blog, has been a long time , the Chinese Government has blocked many sites since long time and even many proxy or filters which allowed me to write in this blog. Today I discover a new way to not be seen and it seems work fine but for how long?
In any case i am posting a screenshot taken on my new web site already online since some days. I try to change web site every sometimes, i get bored of my web site easily, also I must confess i get bored of my photos (but in this case I dont know how to replace them...)
I am trying to work more into different directions, less reportage and editorial style more in portraits and more intimate, it is quite hard , perhaps it will take me other few years to reach that, the web site perhaps shows this attempt, early to say but at least I found quite interesting to challenge myself into a different field, understand photography better and see the limitation of photojournalism (what i tried to do in the past). I tried to move on .....